(Video)Vacuum point, 2017

Vacuum Point
Size: 16:9, FHD
Length: 00:02:34

Try to touch the:
Point, argument, space, proof, score, clause, drop, spot, dot, issue, matter, question, subject, affair, sense, understanding, meaning, significance, comprehension, place, country, seat, nation, location, purpose, aim, goal, scope, view, comma, attribute, peculiarity, virtue, character, top, tip, peak, pinnacle, summit, feature, trait, attribute, character, facet, moment, instant, hour, minute, jiffy, rate, scale, staircase, degree, level, point, detail, subtlety, specification, particularity, point, daintiness, essence, crux, core, substance, heart, point!



Inspiration of art works that are named ‘’Atom’’, are found inside of privacy and the place who I live.
These art works are intended and concepted to reflect a pass from recently concepted artworks such as ‘’Vacuum’’, to a concept that I thought to articulate with recently art pieces of cycle “Atom’’.

This finding that I mentioned above for realizing these works came from medical pills that our country gave to us for our personal insurance as a citizen of Swiss land, to be protected in extraordinary case, which it is very precious to me and my family's safety.

This thing has pushed me to think more and I feel provoked even to give a direction or an integration of this initiative in the artistic works. So in this direction has been worked that the above mentioned pills to be part of interior, exactly to be visually highlights in the ambience that you live or work.

This is simplification of the place that you can figure out easiest just in case, and the whole idea is that when a man can destroy a piece of art for ego’s existence!