''Vacuum'' 400 cm X 100 cm/2022-Mixed Media


''Natural'' (video) 2021


                         ''Natural'' 2021 


''Everywhere'' 2019


Time, integration into focus of kids toys now in this time is more focused in digital era, for this reason touchable toys started to let away. To this point we put closer these toys everyday to kids to play with them everyday, but because of their un interest , often we find these toys in different corners of the house, doesn’t matter inside or outside.
This result and pushed me to create free compositions with them and also some different home stuffs, in order to create images through put in them in another composition and make looking them sometimes invisible and sometimes visible like our interest for them.

Avdi Hajdari-KAME, 2019

Vacuum Dissolving (video) 2019/ 00:02:35

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Vacuum Dissolving 

Sometimes you need to release your energy, but this release to be harmonious, to make a ‘’work noise’’ or positive effects about your goals.
So, through this video, in symbolical way, I take off from my body that vacuum bubbles that are hundreds of them, that in a way uses an accessory such as grinding machine that creating noise after releasing them, and through this noise is attempted to achieve this harmony who reflect as an art work in front of public.

''R'' (video) 2018 / 00:03:39


Initial of the word ‘’Respect’’ has been set like a title for this video, so except that artist is looking respect for own work, he also looking from the others this kind of respect over art.

In symbolical form, the artist take one of his paintings and puts it in the front seat of the car by connecting it to the seat belt in order to make some back circles around the city with it.
This obviously means a kind of embodied and respect for his art by moving backward seeking respect for own works from present and the past, but also tends to seek new spaces, whether they are real productive or "mental" spaces from foreigners who see this action directly or through the video.

(Video)Vacuum point, 2017

Vacuum Point
Size: 16:9, FHD
Length: 00:02:34

Try to touch the:
Point, argument, space, proof, score, clause, drop, spot, dot, issue, matter, question, subject, affair, sense, understanding, meaning, significance, comprehension, place, country, seat, nation, location, purpose, aim, goal, scope, view, comma, attribute, peculiarity, virtue, character, top, tip, peak, pinnacle, summit, feature, trait, attribute, character, facet, moment, instant, hour, minute, jiffy, rate, scale, staircase, degree, level, point, detail, subtlety, specification, particularity, point, daintiness, essence, crux, core, substance, heart, point!



Inspiration of art works that are named ‘’Atom’’, are found inside of privacy and the place who I live.
These art works are intended and concepted to reflect a pass from recently concepted artworks such as ‘’Vacuum’’, to a concept that I thought to articulate with recently art pieces of cycle “Atom’’.

This finding that I mentioned above for realizing these works came from medical pills that our country gave to us for our personal insurance as a citizen of Swiss land, to be protected in extraordinary case, which it is very precious to me and my family's safety.

This thing has pushed me to think more and I feel provoked even to give a direction or an integration of this initiative in the artistic works. So in this direction has been worked that the above mentioned pills to be part of interior, exactly to be visually highlights in the ambience that you live or work.

This is simplification of the place that you can figure out easiest just in case, and the whole idea is that when a man can destroy a piece of art for ego’s existence!